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Specialty Field Key

ACC Accident  Reconstruction DDR Drunk Driving Defense PHO Photography
ADJ Insurance Adjusting DOC Document Examination PIN Personal Investigations
AR Arson DOM Domestic POL Polygraph, Voice Stress
AST Asset Checks DRG Drugs PPS Personal Process Service
AUT All Vehicles ELS Electronic Surveillance PRB Probate/Missing Heirs
AVN Aviation EQUINE Equine Mortality Insurance PRT Product Liability
BKG Background Investigations EXF Explosives/Firearms        REA Real Estate
BNK Bank/Account Fraud    EXP Executive Protection SEC Security Premises
BOA Boating GIN General Investigations SKT Skip Trace
CHL Child Abuse INC Investigative Collections SUB  Subversive Terrorism 
COM Computer Crimes/Fraud IND Industrial Accidents SUR  Surveillance
CON Construction Sites INS Insurance Investigations SYC  Systems Installation/Consultation
COR Corporate Investigations MAL Malpractice (Med/Legal) TOX Toxic Materials
CRM Criminal  MIS Missing Persons TRP Trial Preparation
CSS Collision Scene Mapping MRT Maritime VID Video
CUS Child Custody ORG Organized Crime WHT White Collar Crime
CVL Civil Investigations PAT Patrol WKR Workers Compensation